30 Cows and 28 Chickens Riddle Answer

30 Cows and 28 Chickens Riddle is a very tricky riddle. Here is the correct answer with explanation to this “30 cows 28 chickens riddle”. It’s a video riddle which is been popular on the internet. The people are very curious to know the answer to this riddle. So, I decided to provide you the correct answer here.

Riddle: There are 30 cows in a field, and 28 chickens. How many didn’t?

30 Cows in a Field Riddle

Answer: The answer to “30 Cows and 28 Chickens Riddle” is “10 Cows.”

If you Read to the riddle carefully the “28 chickens” sounds like “20 ate chickens”. So, basically you need to calculate the cows which didn’t ate the chickens and that is simple you just need to subtract 30 – 20 = 10 cows.

30 Cows and 28 Chickens Riddle Explanation

The riddle is little tricky and if you read the sentence  carefully the riddle doesn’t make any sense to you. But when you repeat the question again and again the number 28 will sounds as ‘ate’ therefore the riddle is trying to say that 30 cows 20 ate chickens so how many of it remaining.