A Sweet Name a Medicine Name Puzzle

A sweet name a medicine name puzzle is a tricky WhatsApp riddle. Here is the correct answer with proper explanation to this “a sweet name puzzle”. Read the question below and try to answer it and do share it with your friends.

Puzzle Question:

Iska jawab do to Manenge..

  1. One sweet dish name?
  2. One medicine name?
  3. One sweet dish name?
  4. One Movie name?
  5. One girl’s name?
  6. One City’s Name?
  7. One Place Name?
  8. One Dogs Name?

The answer to all the above thing is word…

A Sweet Name a Medicine Name Puzzle Answer

The answer “A sweet name a medicine name puzzle” is “Honey”. The answer to this riddle is honey because all the questions have a common word which is honey.


When you will solve all the question you will see the answer is a single word which is honey and explanation to “a sweets name riddle answer” is given below in the table.

Puzzle Question Answer
Sweet name  Honey.
Medicine name  Honey is also an Ayurvedic medicine.
Film name  Hollywood romantic film Honey (2003).
Girl name  Honey Lauren (Hollywood movie star).
Car name  Honey car manufactured in 1984.
Place name  Honey Grove is a city in the United States.
Dog name  Some people call their pets Honey.