Two Fathers and Two Sons Riddle

Two Fathers and Two Sons Riddle is a very tricky riddle and here is the correct answer. This riddle is very popular on the internet and it’s not easy to answer. It takes little time to understand so, can you answer this riddle correctly? read the riddle and try to give the answer.

Riddle: Two fathers and two sons go fishing together in the same boat. They all catch a fish but the total catch for the day is three fish. How is this possible?

Answer: The answer to “Two Fathers and Two Sons Riddle” is “There are 3 men.”

The answer to this riddle is that there were 3 men: A grandfather, a father and the father’s son. If we assume that you, your father and your grandfather was in boat then the scenario is easy to understand and can easily be related to the riddle question.