7 Sisters Riddle

Seven Sisters in the Cottage is a trick riddle and also knows as 7 Sisters Riddle. Here is the correct answer with proper explanation to this 7 Sister Riddle. Try to solve this tricky riddle and check the answer to this riddle below.

Seven Sisters in the Cottage Riddle

Seven sisters went to the cottage and every single one of them decided to start doing something. The first one started reading a novel, the second one started frying pancakes, the third started playing chess, the fourth started doing crosswords, the fifth started doing the laundry, the sixth started watering the plants.

And what did the seventh sister do?

7 Sisters Riddle Answer

The answer to 7 Sisters Riddle is that the seventh sister is playing chess with the third sister. As we all know a chess is a 2-player game and cannot be played alone. So, definitely the 7th sister is playing with the 3rd one as everyone is busy doing something.