A Pregnant Woman Goes to the Fridge Riddle

A Pregnant Woman Goes to the Fridge Riddle is a very tricky riddle and here in this article I have given the correct answer and the explanation to this riddle. This riddle and have different answer so I am going to give the answer which I thing is best suitable for this riddle.

Riddle: A pregnant woman goes out of her room goes to the fridge opens a can of tuna a soda a yogurt & a cookie. what did she open first?

Answer: The answer to “A pregnant woman riddle” is “she opens the door first.”

A Pregnant Woman Riddle Answer Explanation:

The answer to this riddle is she open the door of its room first.

Let explain you, when she gets out of her room the first thing which she will open is her room door not the fridge door.

some people get confused and say the will open the fridge door first and once I read someone saying she open her eyes first but it can be a possible answer if the riddle says she wakes up and goes out of her room.

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