Mr and Mrs mustard have 6 daughters riddle answer

Today we are back with one more interesting riddle for you which is “Mr and Mrs Mustard have 6 daughters riddle” with the explained answer. This riddle has been on the internet for while and seem to get more interesting among people data by days.

So we thought why not cover the this riddle today and to give the answer.

Riddle: Mr and Mrs Mustard have 6 daughters and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the Mustard family?

Answer: The answer to the Mr and Mrs Mustard have 6 daughters riddle is 9 people.

Mr and Mrs Mustard riddle answer explanation

So according to riddle there are 8 members in the family which includes there 6 daughter and Mr & Mrs mustard. The other line in riddle say they each daughter has one brother which means they are siblings and they all have a single brother which in total makes 9 members in the mustard family including 6 sisters, 1 brother and Mr & Mrs mustard.