How many pairs am I holding riddle answer

Today we are back with one more interesting riddle for and given you the correct answer and the explanation for the riddle which is How many pairs am i holding in hand. The riddle is been trending on social media Facebook and if you like the riddle so share it with your friends.

how many pairs am i holding riddle answer
How many Pairs Riddle

Riddle: How many pairs am I holding. can you answer it?

Answer: The answer to this how many pairs in hand is 2 pairs of Pears.

Answer Explanation

The answer to this riddle can be bit confusing due to its statement. Pairs has to different meaning and pears has a different meaning.

If we consider the statement to be straight forward then its simple asking how many pairs of Pears which is a fruits are in my hand so the answer should be 2 Pairs and The pairs are always in 2 or which are together, so there are 4 Pears which make 2 pairs.

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