60+ General knowledge Science Questions and Answers

General knowledge Science Questions and Answers. This article provides a lot of fun science questions and answers. These are some necessary and beneficial science questions which we encounter in our daily life, and we should know these questions and answers.

60+ Science Gk Questions and Answers

Question: Which can be measured by photometer?

Answer: A photometer can measure the depth of a sea.

Question: The speed of the air is measured by?

Answer: Anemometer measures the speed of the air.

Question: The purity of milk is measured by?

Answer: Lactometer measures the purity of milk.

Question: Name of the device that converts electrical energy into sound energy?

Answer: Loudspeakers can convert electrical energy into sound energy.

Question: How to make a permanent magnet?

Answer: A permanent magnet can be made with steel.

Question: How does a temporary magnet form?

Answer: Temporary magnet form Soft iron.

Question: What is the heater coil made of?

Answer: Nichrome.

Question: The fibers that are in the electric bulb are made up of?

Answer: The fibers that are in the electric bulb are made up of Tungsten wire.

Question: What gas does tube-light contain?

Answer: tube-light contains Argon gas.

Question: Where is the National Institute of Meteorology located?

Answer: the National Institute of Meteorology located in New Delhi.

Question: How does adding salt to water affect its surface tension?

Answer: Surface tension increases.

Question: Which mirror is used in the reflective lamp on the road?

Answer: North mirror.

Question: What colors do the edges have in the rainbow?

Answer: Purple and red.

Question: What does the color of the sky look like from space?

Answer:  Black.

Question: What causes stars to flicker?

Answer:  Due to the alternation of light.

Question: Woolen clothes in winter keep us warm for what reason?

Answer: They prevent our body’s declaration from going out.

Question: What is the air of the room when you use an electric fan in a closed place?

Answer:  It is hot.

Question: Does the fluid’s density decrease or increase upon heating?

Answer: Decreases.

Question: How is the speed of ships measured?

Answer: the speed of ships measured in Knot.

Question: What will be the change in iron load on rust?

Answer: Weight will increase.

Question: At what temperature is the highest density of water?

Answer: 4 ° C.

Question: What happens if the mercury slowly falls in the barometer?

Answer: Chance of Rain.

Question: What is the study of coins called?

Answer: the study of coins called Numismatics.

Question: Who is diagnosed with brain-related diseases?

Answer: EEG – Electroencephalography.

Question: Would the Heat be heated in water vapor?

Answer: caged Heat.

Question: What is the effect on the volume when the snow melts?

Answer: Volume decreases.

Question: Who discovered the smallpox vaccine?

Answer: Edward Jenner discovered the smallpox vaccine.

Question: Who discovered the revolver?

Answer: Colt.

Question: Where is the Indian Agricultural Research Institute located?

Answer: Indian Agricultural Research Institute located in New Delhi.

Question: By which electric current is measured?

Answer: Ampere.

Question: What is the full form of ATM?

Answer: Automatic teller machine.

Question: Who discovered X-rays?

Answer: Roentgen.

Question: Where is the speed of sound most?

Answer: The movement of sound in solid objects is the most.

Question: Who gave the law of motion of planets?

Answer: Kepler gave.

Question: What force is an example of a clothes dryer?

Answer: Centrifugal force.

Question: Where are the highest rates of things on earth?

Answer: On fog.

Question: Where are the lowest outside peepers?

Answer: At the equator.

Question: If a boy stands up while swinging, what will be the effect on his period?

Answer: Will decrease.

Question: What is the measurement of electric current?

Answer: Ammeter.

Question: Who converts internal energy into electrical energy?

Answer: Dynamo.

Question: C.T. – What are the rays used in a scan?

Answer: X-ray.

Question: What is the measurement of light-years?

Answer: Distance is measured.

Question: What is the full form of an LED?

Answer: Light-emitting diode.

Question: Who discovered ultraviolet rays?

Answer: Johann Wilhelm Ritter discovered ultraviolet rays in 1801.

Question: Where is the movement of sound? Does it not happen?

Answer: Does not happen in a vacuum.

Question: Is it green?

Answer: The primary color is green.

Question: Who first measured the speed of light?

Answer: Roman first measured the speed of light.

Question: Which lens is diagnosed with myopia from which lens?

Answer: A concave lens is made.

Question: What makes Diamond shine?

Answer: Diamond shines due to full internal reflection.

Question: Which reflection is formed on the retina of the human eye?

Answer: Real, it turns upside down.

Question: What is a black carved surface like?

Answer: Good absorption and bad reflectivity of heat dissolution.

Question: Which method of medicine is hydropathy?

Answer: Treatment of water diseases.

Question: What is the study of fungi?

Answer: Mycology is the study of fungi.

Question: Who invented blood transport?

Answer: William Harvey invented blood transport.

Question: Who invented television?

Answer: John logy Baird invented television.

Question: Whose study is histology?

Answer: Structure under microscopy.

Question: Where is the Central Rice Research Institute located?

Answer: the Central Rice Research Institute located Cuttack Orissa.

Question: A candela is a unit measure of?

Answer: Light intensity.

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