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Best collection of Picture Puzzles and riddles with answers. Solve these fun picture puzzles and puzzles. In this article, I have brought you a new problem that you will find nowhere else. All Puzzles are also provided with their pictures.

All of you try to solve these puzzles and see how quickly you can answer them. These puzzles will increase the capacity of your brain and will also increase your concentration power. These puzzles are also suitable for kids and help them to improve there concentration.

List of Picture Puzzle and riddles with answers

  1. weight picture puzzle

    picture puzzle
    weight picture puzzle

    This puzzle is one of the most fun and most solved problems. It seems very easy to solve, but even intelligent people cannot explain it in the first try. In this puzzle, you have to tell the weight of different animals; total weights are given, you have to find the individual loads of animals.
    If the weight of a cat and a rabbit is equal to 10 kg and dog and rabbit is similar to 20 kg, dog and cat is 24 kg in total; then, you have to tell how much these three animals weight together?

  2. Find the wrong number picture puzzle

    Find the wrong number picture puzzle
    wrong number picture puzzle

    It is a fun and mind-blowing mystery to solve. There are many numbers written in this picture, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, before which their spellings of each figure are written. You have to look at them carefully and answer. There are mistakes in the picture which you have to find out.

  3. Matchstick Picture Puzzle

    matchstick picture puzzle
    matchstick puzzle

    In this puzzle, 9, 6, and 16 are made from matchsticks. Your challenge is that you can change the location of any two matchsticks as you want and change this equation so that it becomes 9 + 6 = 16.

  4. Count The Square Picture Puzzle

    Count The correct number of Square Picture Puzzle
    Square Picture Puzzle

    You will see so many squares in the picture which are joint together, using your sharp eyes, you have to count the number of squares in the film.

  5. Math Picture Puzzle

    Math Picture Puzzle
    Math Picture Puzzle

    This fun puzzle is related to the picture and identifies the correct number. If the number 24 is being attained by adding three airplanes and one airplane and one helicopter are equal to 13, then find the value of one aircraft and helicopter?

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