Picture Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Picture Puzzles for kids with answers, Solve funny puzzles and picture puzzles. In this article, I have brought you a lot of fun puzzles for you and also brought some pictures related to them, so that it’s easy to understand the puzzles. You may see a lot of puzzles, but these puzzles are a little bit different; even children can solve them and enjoys.

Some of these puzzles seem easy to solve, but trust me, very few people can solve them at first shot. So, I challenge you to give the correct answer to all the riddles.

List of Puzzles for Kids

  1. Guess the right weight Puzzles

    Picture Puzzles for kids with answers

    Look at the Picture carefully and indicate the correct weights of the animals. In the photo, you can see that one dog weighs equal to the importance of two cats, three cats weigh is similar to 1 dog, and a rabbit, so you have to tell, what will be the weight of 2 cats and two rabbits equal to?

  2. Find the right Water-Tap Puzzle

    Picture Puzzles for kids with answers

    Rahul goes to the bathroom to take a bath and forgets to start the water-tap. Now the problem is that there are four water taps in his house, out of which one correct pipe comes into his bathroom. You have to find the right valve and tell the tap number so that Rahul can get water.

  3. Matchstick Puzzle

    matchstick Picture Puzzles for kids

    Its the funniest and most confusing puzzle. In this, you can see a number made with the help of matchsticks, which is 508. You have to change the location of any of these two matchsticks to make this number in such a way that this number can become the most significant number.

  4. Count the number of Box Puzzle

    matchstick Picture Puzzles

    The puzzle is straightforward, and you have to see the pattern of the box and find the correct amount. In the first box, there are four squares, and they are equal to number 5, so you have to tell that if there are nine squares in the second box, then how much will that be equal to?

  5. Maths Puzzle

    picture puzzles for kids with answer

    This last puzzle is related to Math. If your calculation is reliable, then you can able to answer it quickly. If adding three suns is equal to 27 and if the sun and a moon are combined to form 16, then what will be sun and moon will equal to?

I hope you have enjoyed solving these puzzles, and if you want to explain more such puzzles, then you can see more articles of our website in which we have shared such funny puzzles and riddles with you, which you solved and share it with your friends.