Picture Puzzle and Riddles With Answers [Best]

Welcome to our collection of picture puzzles and riddles with answers! These fun challenges are designed to test your problem-solving skills and boost your brain power. In this article, we’ve included a unique set of puzzles that you won’t find anywhere else. Each puzzle comes with a corresponding picture to help you solve it.

Whether you’re an adult looking to improve your cognitive abilities or a parent trying to provide educational entertainment for your child, these puzzles are a great option. They not only help increase concentration, but also provide a fun and engaging way to pass the time. So give these puzzles a try and see how quickly you can solve them!

List of Picture Puzzle and Riddles:

  1. weight picture puzzle:

    picture puzzle

    This puzzle is one of the most fun and most solved puzzles. It seems very easy to solve, but even intelligent people cannot solve it in the first try. In this puzzle, you have to tell the weight of different animals, total weights are given, you have to find the individual weights of animals.

    If the weight of a cat and a rabbit is equal to 10 kg and dog and rabbit is equal to 20 kg, dog and cat is 24 kg in total, then you have to tell how much these three animals weight together?

  2. Find the wrong number picture puzzle:

    Find the wrong number picture puzzle

    It is a fun and mind-blowing puzzle to solve. There are many numbers written in this picture, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, before which their spellings of each number is written. You have to look at them carefully and answer. There are mistakes in the picture which you have to find out.

  3. Matchstick Picture Puzzle:

    matchstick picture puzzle

    In this puzzle 9, 6, and 16 are made from matchsticks. Your challenge is that you can change the location of any two matchsticks as you want and change this equation so that it becomes 9 + 6 = 16.

  4. Count The Square Picture Puzzle:

    Count The correct number of Square Picture Puzzle

    You will see so many squares in the picture which are joint together, using your sharp eyes, you have to count the number of squares in the picture.

  5. Math Picture Puzzle:

    Math Picture Puzzle


    This fun puzzle is related to the picture and identifies the correct number. If the number 24 is being attained by adding three air planes and one air-plane and one helicopter are equal to 13 then find the value of one air plane and helicopter?

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