7 Maths Logic Puzzles with Answers

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Maths Puzzles Questions

  1. In the photo below, a logic pattern is being created, which you have to find by looking at different numbers, and you have to tell what should be the last number of these boxes according to the puzzle grid?maths logic puzzles
  2. Can you find the missing number puzzle? Look at the tables given below and apply logic questing and explain what number should come in the third box.maths logic puzzle
  3. Every number in each square has some kind of relationship with each other, which is similar to the other six boxes. Find the Missing Number and find the relationship between these numbers as well?

    Maths logic puzzles
  4. This is an additional question problem in which A and B are any two-digit letters. Keep in mind B letter is not zero, can you tell me the number for A and B?number puzzle
  5. Below is a very tricky puzzle. Some letters indicate different numbers. You can choose up to zero to 9 Digits and remember that every letter can be a digit number and can also be zero.
    hint: W = 2 and R = 6maths logic puzzles
  6. Looking at the first three circles, can you tell the patter and number relationship how the other four rings are similar?
    By looking at the first three circles, you have to find the pattern of the number and find the answer to the fourth circle.missing number puzzle
  7. Rahul’s sister makes 17 points in her school basketball game, and she has 2 points short of 2 point number and even 3 point shots of number 1 and point shots. And she does not also take any free throws, so tell you how many baskets Rahul’s sister must have done for every point type?

Maths Puzzles Questions Answers

  1. The missing number is 3. answer explanation is this-
    • 6×3=18
    • 4×9=36
    • 7×5=35
    • 9×3=21
    • 3×8=24
  2. The right answer is 24. You have to double the number first number of every rectangle and write in the next column.
  3. The missing number is 4. You need to add every 3rd number, and you will get the total sum equal to 12.
  4. letter A is six and Letter B is 5
  5. Answer is  928+928= 1856. where-
  6. The missing number and the correct answer is 3.
  7. Four two-point shots and three 3 point shots.

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