Puzzles with Answers – Maths puzzles Questions

Puzzles are a fascinating subject that everyone likes, and everyone wants to solve them. People take them as a challenge and find answers to their Puzzles questions. Puzzles can help to exercise our brain, so I have brought you some entertainment, and a little difficulty Maths puzzles. Items that you can try to solve. Answers to all the riddles are given in the last.

List of Puzzles Related To Maths

  1. In this first question, you have to tell the next number which will comes in the series of 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36. find the following figure?

    number series puzzle
    number series puzzle
  2. In this Puzzle, you have to put the numbers from 1 to 12 in these circles so that the sum of the sides of each triangle is equal to 36. Some figures have already been given in the question below and keep in mind that the same number cannot be repeated. It can only be used once.

    maths puzzle
  3. Deepak works in a company where he earns Rs.350 per hour. He works only for five days a week and works only for 5 hours every day, and he will work for the next five weeks continuously.
    1) How much money will Deepak make in a week?
    2) How much money did Deepak earn in total?
  4. In this Maths Puzzle below, shapes are added and give some value. Find the value of the triangle by looking at the picture below.

    shape and number puzzle
    Shape puzzle
  5. Mr.Puzzle Man buys a smart TV for $ 255. When he goes to the check out counter, Mr.Puzzle  gets a further discount of 10%. So you have to tell me how much will the Smart TV cost after getting the refund?
  6. In this Addition Problem, letter B and C denote different numbers. You have to find the value of B and C by looking at the picture below.

    find the letters puzzles
    letter puzzle
  7. Look at the picture carefully and answer the pie puzzle. There are many numbers written in the circle below from which 1 number is missing. You have to find the same missing number in the pie puzzle.

    math pie puzzle and find the missing number puzzle
    Maths puzzle

Answers for Puzzles in Hindi:

  1. The next number in the series is 49.
  2. The correct answer is 12,7,3,4,10,1,6,11,8,2,5,9 which makes the sides equal to 36.
  3. The correct answer is Deepak earns Rs 8750. calculation: 350 * 5 hour = 1750 1750 * 5 = Rs 8750
  4. The value of the triangle is 10.
  5. Mr.Puzzle will get 225 $ discount.  calculation: 10% discount will be 1/10 of price, is 25 $ 250-25 = 225 $
  6. The value of B and C will be 8 and 7, respectively.
  7. Answer is 10, opposite add 21, 15 + 6 = 21

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