When My Father was 31 I was 8 Riddle

Here is one of the hardest and the logical riddle on the internet. This riddle talks about the age difference between a person and their father. By simple maths, we can calculate the person’s current age. Let’s solve this “When my father was 31 riddle”.

Riddle Question: When my father was 31 years old, I was 8 years old. Now, my father is twice as old as I am. How old am I now?

Solving the Riddle and Finding the Current Age

Simple Explanation Answer: The answer to the riddle is that you are currently 23 years old.


When your father was 31 years old, there was an age gap of 23 years between the two of you (31 – 8 = 23).

Since then, your father has aged, but the age gap remains the same. Therefore, if your father is now twice as old as you, you must be half his current age, which is 23 (46 / 2 = 23).

Double the age means 23 + 23 = 46

Half the current age = 46 / 2 = 23