A Book Cost $1 Riddle

A book cost $1 riddle is a good and tricky riddle. Here is the correct answer to this math’s riddle. Try to solve the riddle and check the explanation below and do share it with your friends if you liked it.

Riddle: A book costs $1 plus half its price. How much does it cost?​

A Book Cost $1 Riddle Answer

Answer: The answer to “A book cost $1 riddle” is“$2.” The correct answer is dollar 2 because the half of $2 is $1 and plus $1 is equal to $2.


We can easily solve this book riddle with the help of mathematics equations. First, we will create an equation according to the question and then solve it. According to question we don’t know the actual price of the book so we will be considered as the value equal to “x”.

x = $1 + (x/2) (because a book cost $1 plus half its price)

Now solving the equation,

x – (x/2) = $1

(2x – x)/2 = $1

x/2 = $1

x = $1 × 2

x = $2

Therefore, the cost of the book is $2.