3 Friends Go to a Restaurant Riddle

3 Friends Go to a Restaurant Riddle is a very tricky riddle on the internet. Here is the correct answer with proper explanation. The riddle is also know as “3 Guys Pay 10 Dollars Riddle”.

Riddle: Three friends walked into a restaurant. They ate food and had beverages worth $ 26. Each friend paid $ 10 making it a total of $ 30. The waiter came back with a change of 4 dollars. The friends asked the waiter to keep one dollar as a tip. The friends then divided the remaining $ 3 dollars among themselves. Each got $ 1 dollar back. How much did each friend pay?

Answer: The answer to “3 Friends Go to a Restaurant Riddle” is “9 Dollar.”

The friends paid 9 dollar in the restaurant. If we calculate the amount than that will be equal to:

3 friends multiply 9 dollars equal to $27. (3 * 9 = 27)

Total bill was $26 and the guys got back the $1 dollar.

So, $27 minus 41 equal $26.

Therefore, the answer to 3 Friends Go to a Restaurant Riddle is $9.