8 College Students Riddle

8 College Students Riddle is a very popular tricky and funny riddle on Reddit and also know by the name Mountain Climbers riddle. The correct answer and the proper explanation to this riddle is given below so do check it out.

“There was a group of 8 college students who all belonged to the mountain climbing club. One day, during the Winter, they decided to climb the tallest mountain in the area. During the ascent, the weather took a turn for the worse. They ran into trouble and were stranded near the top for two weeks.

Eventually, a rescue team managed to reach them. There were only 7 survivors. They were airlifted to a nearby hospital. After a few days, 6 of them made a full recovery, but the seventh survivor was so traumatised by the experience that he lost his mind and was put in a mental hospital.

The police questioned the remaining 6 about what happened during the two weeks they were stranded on the mountain. They asked what happened to the missing climber.

“He just wandered off and never came back,” they said. The police questioned each of the 6 survivors and they all told the same story.

Then, they went to the mental hospital to question the 7th survivor, but they couldn’t get any sense out of him. When they asked him what happened to the missing climber, he just kept banging his head against the padded walls and repeating over and over, “8… 8… 8…”

What does this mean?”

The answer to “8 College Students Riddle” is “That the 7 ate 9.”

8 College Students Riddle Answer Explanation

The correct answer to this riddle is that the 7 was trying to say ate-ate-ate. The digit 8 denotes the word ate. The 7 ate the other student that is why he was missing.