Hotel Room Riddle – 30 Dollar Missing Riddle


30 Dollar Missing Riddle is one of the famous riddles of all time and here is the correct answer with the proper explanation to this hotel Room Riddle. Read the riddle question carefully and then see the answer to understand it properly.

Riddle: “Three men went to a hotel and asked for a room. The hotel clerk said it would be $30 for a room.

Each of the men paid an even $10 to pay for the room. Once the men got in the room the hotel clerk noticed she had charged them $5 too much, so she gave the bellboy $5 too take to the men. The bellboy wondered how to divide $5 unto 3 men, so he kept 2 of the dollars and gave each man $1. If each man paid $10 and they each got one back they really only paid $9 each right. Well, if the three men each paid a total of $9 ($9 times 3 men is $27 total) and the bellboy kept $2 9 times 3 = 27 + the bellboy’s 2 = 29 were is the last dollar? (the men paid 30 to begin with)”

Answer: The answer to “30 Dollar Missing Riddle” is “$25 + $3 + $2 the bellboy had = $30.”

Explanation to Missing Dollar Riddle:

We know that the men paid $10 each = $30.

The hotel clerk gave back $5, which means they still have paid $25 altogether.

The bellboy gave back $1 to each men’s that’s means they got $3 back altogether.

And at last, the bellboy kept $2 with him, so now we will calculate the sum of money by add together that will be equal to:

$25 + $3 back from bellboy+ $2 the bellboy had = $30.

The missing dollar riddle doesn’t have any missing dollar in it. It’s just the calculation mistake which most of the people do in this riddle.