I Had 370 Dollars Riddle Answer

I Had 370 Dollars Riddle is a very tricky and trendy riddle on the internet. Here is the correct answer with proper explanation to this “370 Dollar Riddle”. Read the riddle slowly and try to answer it.

Riddle: I had $370.00. My Mom gave 150.00. My Dad gave 150.00. My Aunt and Uncle gave me 100.00, I had 30.00. How much did I have?

Answer: The answer to “I Had 370 Dollars Riddle” is “400 Dollars.”

The answer to this riddle is 400 dollars and if we calculate according to the riddle. The riddle asks about the money you have, so before your parents and relatives gave you additional money you had only $370.00 and $30.00. Therefore, in total it becomes $370.00 + $30.00. = $400. 

I Had 370 Dollars Riddle Answer Explanation:

This type of riddles is very tricky and some time it becomes difficult to get the answer in first go. The similar riddles have been explained on our website with only difference in the amount and rest of the concept to solve this riddle is same.

There is another scenario to this riddle. If we see the riddle it says “I had” which is in past tense form.

So, we can assume that you had the money earlier but you don’t have any money now so the answer can be a “ZERO” in that case.