Absolve Yourself Reveal the Truth Riddle

Absolve yourself reveal the truth riddle is a tricky and logical riddle. Here is the correct answer to this “Absolve yourself reveal the truth” riddle. Try to solve the riddle and check the explanation below and do share it with your friends if you liked it.

Riddle: I had $370.00. My Mom gave 150.00. My dad gave 150.00. My Aunt and Uncle gave me 100.00. I had another 30.00. How much did I have?

Absolve Yourself Reveal the Truth Riddle

Answer: The answer to “Absolve yourself reveal the truth riddle” is “400 Dollars”. The riddle is asking about the money which you really have at present so that will be 150 + 150 + 100 = $400.

So, people get confuse with the $370.00. but you can see you had that money and at present you don’t have that money so we will not consider that amount.

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