I Had 5 Dollars My Mom Gave Me 10 Riddle

I had 5 dollars my mom gave me 10 dollar riddle is a very tricky riddle, and its been on the internet for long and been trending as a 5 dollar riddle. It a combination of logic and vocabulary. The riddle is also know as “$5 riddle.”

Riddle: I had 5 dollars with me now and my mom gave me 10 more dollars; so tell how much money I have now.

Answer: The answer to “I had 5 dollars and my mom gave me a 10 riddle” is “10 dollars.”

The answer to this riddle is 10 dollars because the question says, “I had,” which means at present I don’t have 5 dollars, but my mom gave me ten, so currently, I have 10 dollars, and it is the correct answer to this riddle.