Where Are My Smart Friends Riddle Answer – $3 Riddle

Where Are My Smart Friends Riddle is very interesting riddle and it is also known as I Have $3 Riddle. The answer to this riddle is given below with proper explanation. This riddle is a basically combination of maths and English.

Riddle: I had $3.00. My Mom gave me $10.00 while my Dad gave me $30.00. My Aunt and Uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $5.00. How much money did I have?

Answer: The answer to “Where Are My Smart Friends Riddle” is “8 dollars.”

I Have 3 Dollars Riddle Answer

The answer to this riddle is 8 dollars and if we calculate according to the riddle. The riddle ask about the money you have, so before your parents and relatives gave you additional money you had only $3.00 and $5.00. Therefore in total it becomes $3.00 + $5.00. = $8.

Which in total becomes 8 dollars and there is another scenario to this riddle.

If we see the riddle says “I had” which is in past tense form so we can assume that you had the money earlier but you don’t have any money now so the answer can be a “ZERO” in that case.

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4 thoughts on “Where Are My Smart Friends Riddle Answer – $3 Riddle”

  1. Thanks for the the answer to this My Smart Friends Riddle. I was looking for this riddle for so long. thanks love you site👍

    • I was sent the riddle and added the 2 small amounts he “had” to get what you said was the correct answer.

      In the version I received, the wording was “my “fill in the blank” (my words) gave ….” The word ME wasn’t used. So based on that I ignored the higher numbers. I take things extremely literally. I figured the other money could have been given to someone else.

      Every other version adds the word “ME.” I still would have had the same answer based on the “had”, but I think adding or ignoring “me” will affect other people’s right or wrong answers.

      • Me too and seeing that they said how much he have and not had how can the be speaking on the 2 fewer amounts he had 🤔🤔

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