I Had 13 Pounds Riddle – £13 Riddle

I Had 13 Pounds Riddle is very interesting riddle and it is also known as £13 Riddle. The answer to this riddle is given below with proper explanation. This riddle is a basically combination of maths and English and bit tricky to solve.

In this £13 Riddle you have to calculated the sum of money which you have at the end of this calculation.

Riddle: I had £13.00 pounds. My mom gave me £10.00 pounds while my dad gave me £30.00 pounds. My aunt and uncle gave me £100.00 pounds. I had another £5.00 pounds. How much did I have?

Answer: The answer to “Where Are My Smart Friends Riddle” is “18 Pounds.”

I Had 13 Pounds Riddle Answer with Explanation:

The answer to this riddle is 18 Pounds as calculated according to the riddle. The riddle ask about the money you have, so before your parents and relatives gave you additional money you had only £13.00 and £5.00. Therefore in total it becomes £13.00 + £5.00. = £18.

Note there is another scenario to this riddle and according to that the answer will be zero. 

If you read the riddle it says “I had” which clearly denote that you currently don’t have any money so in that case the answer can be zero also. (As word “had” is used for past tense)