Peanut Butter And Cereal Riddle

Peanut Butter And Cereal Riddle is a very popular riddle on the internet. Here is the correct answer to this riddle. The riddle question and the explanation to this riddle is given below.

Riddle: “There is a man who is a conductor on a train. He runs someone over so the conductor gets sentenced to death. He goes to an electric chair, the people that work there say, “it’s your last day to live, what would you like to eat?” The man replies peanut butter and cereal, they turn on the electric chair and nothing happens.”

Answer: The answer to “Peanut Butter and Cereal Riddle” is “that he said he is a bad conductor.”

The conductor would have sad that he is a bad conductor of electricity.

Peanut Butter And Cereal Electric Chair Riddle

The Peanut Butter riddle is little tricky and the best possible answer to this riddle is given above. The man was a bus conductor and he didn’t get the electric shock through chair and the best reply he can give is that “I am bad conductor”, as we know that bad conductor don’t pass electricity through them. The riddle is a fun riddle only.