A Snake Went Grocery Shopping Riddle

Looking for the answer to the riddle called “A snake went grocery shopping riddle”.  Here is the correct explanation and the answer to this riddle given below.

The riddle reads: If a snake went grocery shopping. His total came to $ 57.23. He gave the cashier $ 100 but it still wasn’t enough to cover the bill. Why?

The answer to this riddle is that the grocery shopping bill of snake is more than $ 100 that’s why it still wasn’t enough. 

A Snake Went Grocery Shopping Riddle Answer Explanation:

The riddle seems little confusing in the beginning but the simple answer and the explanation to this riddle is same which I have already given in the 3rd paragraph.

Let me explain you with the simple example. If the total expense of the shopping is more than $ 100 then its not enough to pay the bills right.

And if you notice the riddle it doesn’t says that the grocery shopping bill was $ 57.23. May be he would have spend his money on some other things like on a cup of coffee.

So, in conclusion we can say that his total bill was more than $ 100 including $ 57.23 that why he was not able to pay the bill.