How Many Eggs Can You See? Picture Puzzle

Looking for the answer to the famous egg counting picture riddle. It’s a kind of picture riddle in which you have a photo of some eggs which are staged on one another and had formed a pyramid shape. Your task is to tell the number of eggs this picture consist.

The picture puzzle is given above as you can see the eggs are staged and you need to count the number of eggs. The corrects answer and the explanation to this egg riddle is given below.

How Many Eggs Riddle Picture

How Many eggs can you see picture puzzle

Answer: The correct answer to this riddle called how many egg riddle is 30 eggs.

The correct answer is 30 eggs and let me explain you how.

If you see the image you will only see around 16 eggs and that’s not the correct answer.

As we know that the base of the pyramid will contain 16 eggs and only the 7 eggs are visible. Same as we will count all the eggs which are hidden behind and the total will come to 30 eggs.