Eye Test How Many 3’s In the Image Answer

Today we have a very interesting Puzzle image for you which can help you to test your eye sight. How Many 3’s In the Image puzzle is a very challenging puzzle and most of the people fail to solve and give the right answer.

In this puzzle you can see an image below which is a screenshot of a phone dialer and you can see so same number on it. You task is to Count the how may 3 you see. You actually need to count the number three in the image.

How Many 3’s In The Image puzzle


We have given the answer image below and has given you the proper explanation in details.

Answer: The answer to  “The How Many 3’s In the Image” is “19.”

How Many 3’s In the Image Answer:

How Many 3s In The Image puzzle Answer

As you can see the answer in the image and we have marked the 3 in the image with the red arrow so that it becomes easy to count. You can count the number on the top side there are total 16 numbers and, on the dialer, there are 4 more so in total it becomes 19.

Many people fail to count the exact number because they only focuses on the number which are visible in the front. Some of the number which they ignore are – The numbers in 3:33 PM on the top, one of the number is hidden under the digit 4 as you can see in the image above

I have see similar kind of puzzle images on the internet but the difference in them is that the image may have more digits on image which makes that puzzle different.
So, the answer to “The How Many 3’s In the Image” is “19.”