At a Four Legged Table Riddle Answer

Today we have a very interesting riddle question for you which is called “At a four-legged table riddle”. This riddle is been trending and circulation on the internet so much and people are looking for the answer.

When I first came across this riddle, I also got little confused reading the statement but then I read the riddle again and again to get a clear understanding of this riddle and came to a conclusion but this “At a four-legged table riddle.”

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Riddle: At a four legged table, there are 1 grandma, 2 moms, 2 daughters and a granddaughter. How many legs under the table?

Answer: The answer to “Sitting at a four-legged riddle” is “16 legs under the table.”

The answer to this riddle is simple, let me explain you that what’s the riddle says. Firstly, we will count the total number of persons which are sitting at a four-legged table and then we will get the exact number of people.

After that we will multiply that number with 2 because very person has 2 legs.

That will be-

People Number Total legs
Mom 2 4
Daughter 2 4
Granddaughter 1 2
Grandma 1 2
6*2=12 12 Total legs


Now you will thing that the total came in by this calculation is only 12 legs so how can you say the answer to this riddle is 16 Legs. Here is the tricky part comes in this riddle. As every one is sitting at a four-legged table we will also count the legs of the Table.

So, that will be equal to 12 legs added 4 legs equal 16 legs and this is the answer to “At a four legged table riddle”.