Interpret the Following Puzzle Answer Key

Looking for the Interpret the Following Puzzle Answer Key? Here is the right article for you which includes the full explanation and the correct answer to this puzzle. This puzzle is been very interesting and very popular amount the people on the social media.

In this article I have discussed the Puzzle in detailed and also give the answer in this following article so that it becomes easy for you to understand the Puzzle and once you know the puzzle you can share with you friends and ask them the questions.

This puzzle become more popular amount the programmers first when it was first introduced. In this Puzzle as you can see you have been given a puzzle image above in this image there are 24 riddle clues or you can say question has been given.

You task is to solve these 24 riddles and give the answers correctly. On the image you can see small boxes and each box contains some clue in the form of a line, words or a small illustration and even arrows.

Interpret the Following Puzzle Question

Interpret the Following Puzzle Answer Key

As you can see some of the question are given below but you can directly see the Puzzle image and solve the Puzzle. The answers to all this 24 Interpret the Following Puzzle is given at the end so do check it out.

  1. Question contains a square and in that you can see a word “SAND.”
  2. Question contains two words on top of each divide by a line in-between.
  3. What’s stand by I means?
  4. In this question every word of “READING” is separated by lines.
  5. Whats wear by long means?
  6. Roads cross roads means.
  7. Arrow and the word Town.
  8. 3 times cycle means.
  9. Level word is been cut.

Interpret the Following Puzzle Answer Key

Down below is the list of answers so check your answers and see how many of your answers are correct.

  1. Sandbox
  2. Man Overboard
  3. I Understand
  4. Reading Between the Lines
  5. Long Underwear
  6. Crossroads
  7. Downtown
  8. Tricycle
  9. Split Level
  10. 3 Degrees Below Zero
  11. Neon Lights
  12. Under-Eye Circles
  13. Highchair
  14. Paradise
  15. Touchdown
  16. Five Feet Underground
  17. Mind Over Matter
  18. He’s Beside Himself
  19. Backwards Glance
  20. Life After Death
  21. Overseas G.I.
  22. Space Program
  23. See-through Blouse
  24. Just Between You and Me

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