Find Butterfly Bat and Duck Puzzle Answer

Looking for a Picture Puzzle to solve, here we have a great and interesting one for you which can help you to test your focusing skills and your eyes. The picture puzzle is called Find Butterfly, Bat and Duck Puzzle.

It’s a very interesting picture puzzle in which you need to find Butterfly, Bat and Duck in the picture above and they are actually hidden and cannot be see easily.

This puzzle is been one of the favourite puzzles searched and liked on the internet and social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

This kind of puzzles are suitable for the small kids and teenagers and help in increasing their focus skills and concentration.

Butterfly, Bat and Duck Puzzle Question:

The puzzle contains a picture of a scene in which you can see four characters a boy, a girl, father and a dog and they are working in their backyard. The picture is full of small-small things and hidden inside are the shapes of animals. So, you task is to find as many animals you can find in short period of time.

The answer to this picture puzzle is also given at the end so do check it out whether you able to find all of them or not.

Butterfly Bat Duck Puzzle Answer:

Down below we have given the answer image to Butterfly, Bat and Duck puzzle. You can see I have marked the animals on the images for better understanding.

Find Butterfly Bat and Duck Puzzle Answer

Answer on the image are:

  1. Butterfly hidden in the tree leaves.
  2. Bat can be seen in between the boy and the girl.
  3. Butterfly shape can be seen on the hat.
  4. Ears of the dog is like butterfly wings.
  5. Duck shape can be seen below the dog’s legs.

Did you able to find all the answer do let me know in the comments below and for more interesting puzzle check the other articles.