Crack the Code – A Numeric Lock Has 3 Digit Key

A Numeric Lock Has 3 Digit Key is very interesting logic Puzzle. The puzzle has a code which needs to be cracked and this puzzle is also know as “CRACK THE CODE PUZZLE”. The puzzle question and the answer are been given below. So, try to solve it and see the answer.

This Puzzle is one of the hardest puzzles and people are very much interested in this type of puzzle. If you are looking for the answer and the explanation of this puzzle scroll to the end of this article.

First look at the Puzzle image, there is a digital lock and to unlock this you need to enter a 3 digit code. The 3 digit key is to be find out by using a simple logic and this puzzle also includes with some hints which can be used to crack this code. The hints to this puzzle is also given along with the question.

Puzzle Question: A numeric lock has 3-digit key. Enter the correct code to open it.


  1. (6,8,2) one number is correct and well placed;
  2. (6,1,4) one number is correct but wrong placed;
  3. (2,0,6) two numbers are correct but wrong placed;
  4. (7,3,8) nothing is correct;
  5. (7,8,0) one number is correct but wrong placed.

Now using the above hints try to solve the puzzle and find the correct 3 digit code.

Crack the Code Logical Puzzle Answer with Explanation:

Answer: The answer to “A Numeric Lock Has 3 Digit Key Puzzle” is “042.”

Now see the hints one by one and try to find the correct answer. We try to place the numbers one by one and see the condition if it fits the requirements.


First see the hint 4 and it is clearly say nothing is correct from number 7, 3 and 8. which means 7, 3, 8 cannot be one of the numbers so we will eliminate this numbers.

From hint 4 and 5 we can say that “0” is the only number which is correct but wrongly placed and it can be on 1st or 2nd place.

From hint 1 and 3 we can say that “0” and “2” is the correct numbers as 8, and 6 is not possible. The number 2 is correct and it’s well placed.

At last from hint 2 we can say that the  number four is correct but is has been wrongly placed.

Therefore, by all this condition we can easily say that the correct answer to this Puzzle is 042.