A Woman Was Born In 1916 Riddle

Here is the answer to the one of the trickiest riddle of all time called “A woman was born in 1916” riddle. Find the answer and the correct explanation down below.

Riddle: A woman was born in 1916, but she just celebrated her 26th birthday in 2020. Explain how this is possible using just two words.

Answer: The answer to “A Woman Was Born In 1916 riddle” is 26.

Riddle Answer Explanation

26th birthday can be possible only in one condition when the birthday comes on February 29 and we know it comes every four year due to leap year.


Year of birth: 1916
Current Year: 2020

2020 – 1916 = 104 years

The leap year comes every four years. So it will come 26 times in 104 years

= 104/4 = 26