All But 70 Died How Many Survived Riddle

Here is the answer to this trending riddle called “All but 70 died how many survived riddle”. The riddle is also know as the “A farmer had 100 cows” riddle.

Riddle: A Farmer Had 100 Cows. All But 70 Died. How Many Survived?

Answer: The answer to “All But 70 Died How Many Survived riddle” is 70 Cows.

Riddle Explanation

If you read the riddle at first it’s little bit confusing and it’s difficult to get the answer at first go. But let me explain you the answer here.

The line “All But 70 Died” this would mean that out of 100 cows 30 are dead and 70 are left.

The other straightforward answer can be 30 cows because 100 minus 70 will be 30.