Frank Was Born in 1933 Riddle Answer

Here is the answer to one of the popular maths riddle know as “Frank was born in 1933 riddle”. It’s a very tricky riddle and we have discussed the same kind of the riddles on our website. Read below to get the answer.

Riddle: Frank was born in 1933 and died in 1946 at the age of 50. How can this be possible?

Frank Was Born in 1933 Riddle Answer

The answer to “Frank was born in 1933 riddle” is “He was born in room number 1933”.

The answer to this riddle is simple which is 1993 is a room number. The riddle can make you confuse very easily at the beginning because most of the people will think that the 1993 is referred as the birth year but it cannot be possible.

As you calculate the number of years from the 1933 to 1946 it will be only 13 years. That’s why the only possible way he would have live 50 years and the correct answer will be He was born in room number 1933. 

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So, whatever the number which is given in the riddle question, that will be the room number and that’s the correct answer.