I Flew To Africa I Bought A Dog Riddle Answer

Today I an back with one more interesting riddle for you which is called I Flew To Africa I Bought A Dog Riddle. You may have seen this kind of riddle earlier also and we also have more similar type of collections on our website Puzzlepaheliyan.com. Still looking for the answer, we have provided the answer below and for more similar content do refer to more articles.

Riddle: I flew to Africa. I bought a dog, I bought a phone case, I flew back. What did I buy first?

Answer: The answer to “I Flew To Africa I Bought A Dog Riddle” is “Plane Ticket.”

The answer is clear and simple, some of the statement is written just to confuse you and to divert the attention. The correct answer is plane ticket because the first thing which she bought before flying to Africa is the plane ticket.