1 Rabbit Saw 6 Elephants Riddle Answer [solve]

1 Rabbit Saw 6 Elephants Riddle is a very tricky and funny riddle. Here is the correct answer. In this article I have provide the correct answer with it’s explanation.

Riddle: One rabbit saw six elephants while going to the river. Every elephant saw two monkeys going to the river and Every monkey has one parrot each. How many animals are going towards the river?

Answer: The answer to “1 rabbit saw 6 elephants puzzle” is “3 Animals.”

The first thing is that we have been asked how many animals were going towards the river and keep in mind that the parrot is a bird, not an animal.

The second thing we have to keep in mind that all the elephants saw two monkeys who were going towards to the river, this means that there are only three animals in total, two monkeys and one rabbit who were going to the river, hence the answer to this puzzle will be 3.