Fox Rabbit Cabbage Riddle Answer

Fox Rabbit Cabbage Riddle is a very interesting and tricky riddle. Here is the correct answer and the proper explanation. The riddle has so many different names and forms, it’s also called as Cabbage Rabbit Wolf Riddle or Crossing the River Riddle. But the way to solve the question remains same.

Fox Rabbit Cabbage Riddle Question

Question: A rabbit, a cabbage, a fox, and a farmer are at a river. The farmer has one boat fitting one item and himself. If he takes the fox, the rabbit will eat the cabbage. If he takes the cabbage the fox will eat the rabbit; however, the fox will not eat the cabbage. How does he transport them all safely?

Fox Rabbit Cabbage Riddle Answer with Explanation

The answer to “Fox Rabbit Cabbage Riddle” can be solve in the following steps:
Fox Rabbit Cabbage Riddle Answer infographic

  1. First take the rabbit across, drop it on the other side and come back to fox & cabbage.
  2. Next, Come back take the fox across, drop the fox and take the rabbit back. (cant keep the fox and rabbit together)
  3. Now Leave the rabbit on the side and take the cabbage and cross the river then drop it with the fox. (fox and cabbage can be kept together)
  4. At the end Come back empty and Take the rabbit across.
  5. All of then are transported safely across the river and the riddle is solved.