Dishonored 2 Jindosh Riddle Solution [Explain]

Dishonored 2 Jindosh Riddle Solution and walkthrough. In this article I have provided the best possible way to solve this game riddle and at the end I have also provided you the game video solution. Its a logic based puzzle and each time you play the game the riddle is randomise.

Riddle :
The women sat in a row. They all wore different colours and [Lady 1] wore a jaunty [Colour 1] hat. [Lady 2] was at the far left, next to the guest wearing a [Colour 2] jacket. The lady in [Colour 3] sat left of someone in [Colour 4]. I remember that [Colour 3] outfit because the woman spilled her [Drink 1] all over it. The traveler from [Home 1] was dressed entirely in [Colour 5]. When one dinner guest bragged about her [Heirloom 1], the woman next to her said they finer in [Home 1], where she lived.

So [Lady 3] showed off a prized [Heirloom 2], at which the lady from [Home 2] scoffed, saying it was no match for her [Heirloom 3]. Someone else carried a valuable [Heirloom 4] and when she saw it, the visitor from [Home 3] next to her almost spilt her neighbour’s [Drink 2]. [Lady 4] raised her [Drink 3] in toast. The lady from [Home 4], full of [Drink 4], jumped up onto the table, falling onto the guest at the centre seat, spilling the poor woman’s [Drink 5]. Then [Lady 5] captivated them all with a story about her wild youth in [Home 4].

This information is irrelevant for solving this puzzle and don’t pay attention to it information. (women sat in a row and they wore a lot of different colours ) so, the order of women doesn’t matter.

Just follow the steps in the video given below and you will be able to solve the puzzle easily.

Jindosh Riddle Video Solution:

Video credit: YouTube @Hybrid Spektar