Star Trek Fleet Command Picard Day Riddle

Star Trek Fleet Command a mobile based game and it has some Picard day going on in which you have to solve some riddles and you can earn Picard coins.

Star Trek Fleet Command Picard Day Riddle Answer


Riddle 1: Defeat atleast double digit

Answer 1: Go to Phelan and kill 10 reds.

Riddle 2: surveyors best next

Answer 2: Go to iezat(20) and mine 1 parsteel ore.

Riddle 3: two system Pick one

Answer 3: go to ciara (26)  or cillers(25) kill 20 reds.

Riddle 4: Extraction 3 starts

Answer 4: Afritalis (30) mine one piece of gas.

Riddle 5: Between red and green

Answer 5: Redmond (28) and kill some swam.

Riddle 6: Green stuff

Answer 6: Go to galaxy map search and type Andoria and on left go to doloran and mine peice of titanium.

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