I Pedal Down the street riddle

Looking for the answer to the riddle called ‘I pedal down the street’. The riddle is being very popular on the internet and taken from the Mystery games – An Elmwood Trail. So, I am here to give you the answer to this riddle.


I pedal down the streets,
racing wind so bold and swift.
Been using it forever,
it was the one and only gift.

Here is the correct answer with the proper explanation to this riddle. Read below the riddle question and the answer. You may be wondering the answer would be difficult but it is not.

I Pedal Down The Street Riddle Answer

The answer to the ‘I pedal down the streets‘ riddle is “a bicycle.” The bicycle can be pedal down to the streets.

Riddle Answer Explanation

The bicycle is the correct answer as it was gifted by her mother in the game. The bicycle can be pedal down to the streets.