A Man Steals 100 From a Shop Riddle

Looking for the answer to this riddle called “A man steals 100 from a shop” riddle. It’s a combination of logical thinking and mathematical ability. The correct answer and the proper explanation to this riddle is given below.

Riddle:  A man walks into a store and he then steals One hundred dollar from the store without telling the owner’s; The man then buys $ 60 worth of goods using that same $ 100 which he took from the store and the owner gives $ 40 in change after he buys things; How much money did the owner lose in total?

It’s a very tricky maths riddle and to solve this kind of riddle you need a proper reasoning skills. So, let see if you can give the proper answer without scrolling down.

Riddle Answer

The answer to “A man steals 100 from a shop riddle” is “100 Dollars.” The owner lost 100 dollars in total.


The owner losses $ 100 in total. When the guy buys goods worth $ 60, the money goes back to the owner, but he injuries goods which cost him $ 60, and in addition to that owner returns $ 40 as a change.

So, In total 60+40= $ 100 loss.

Therefore, the correct answer to this riddle is 100 Dollars.