A Lady Buys Grocery Worth Rs 350 From a Shop

Today I have another interesting and trending puzzle for you which is called “A Lady Buys Grocery Worth Rs 350 Riddle”. Here is the correct answer with proper explanation to this maths puzzle question. Try to apply some logic and calculation to guess the answer.

Puzzle: A lady buys groceries worth Rs 350 from a shop, and The lady gives him the  2000 rs note after it. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop, keeps 350 for himself, and returns her Rs 1650 to the lady. Later the shopkeeper of the next shop comes with the Rs 2000 note saying, “Its a fake note” and takes his money back. So tell me that the, “How much LOSS did the shopkeeper’s face ?

A Lady Buys Grocery Worth Rs 350 Riddle Answer

The answer to “A Lady Buys Grocery Riddle” is that the shopkeeper face Rs 2350 loss in total.

2000 Fake Note Puzzle Answer explanation

A straightforward answer to this puzzle is that – according to the problem, the shopkeeper will suffer a loss of rs 2350 because:
Firstly he got a fake 2000 rs note which he had to return to the other shopkeeper and secondly the goods of rs 350 which he gave to the woman which in total offers rs 2350 loss. This will be the correct answers for the 2000 fake note puzzle answer.