The state without an A riddle answer (solve)

State Without an A, this is a very interesting puzzle that is becoming very popular on Facebook and social media. People have been immensely enjoying this State Without an A puzzle and are also sharing it with their friends and challenged them to give the correct answer to this puzzle. This puzzle is a little bit confusing, and the answer is not straightforward.

I will tell you the correct answer to this puzzle and also explain this puzzle so that you can answer this puzzle quite quickly.

Riddle: “State Without An A.”

Answer: The answer to “State Without An A riddle”  is STTE.

When you initially read this puzzle, you will feel that the problem has asked that the name of the State in which the A word does not come, and you will get confused and give the wrong answer.
But if you read this puzzle carefully, then you will know that it’s saying “state without the letter a,” which means you have to remove the letter A from the state word, which will give the correct answer.

I hope you have found the right answer to your puzzle. If you have liked it a riddle, then you should share it with your friends and see if those people, too, will be able to give the right answer to this puzzle.