I Have 50 Rs Riddle Answer – World Toughest Riddle

I have 50 Rs riddle, it’s sad to be one of the world’s toughest Riddle. Here is the answer and the proper explanation to this riddle. It is also known by other names like Extra 1 rupee puzzle or Remaining 1 rupee puzzle. This Riddle is same as the other Riddle which has money-related questions or with any currency related question in it. The riddle same goes with Extra $1 Riddle.

Riddle: You have 50 Rs with you and a you start spending it You spend some little amount, and some amount remains balance, which you.

Spend Balance
20 30
15 15
9 6
6 0
50 51

The question is, where did the extra 1 rupee come from?

Answer: The answer to “I have 50 Rs riddle” is “You cannot add a balanced amount.”

World Most Toughest Riddle Explanation:

I Have 50 rs Riddle World Toughest Riddle Answer

The solution to this Riddle is simple and that is you cannot add the balance amount. Let me explain to you with a simple example. Suppose you have 50 rupees with you, and you spend 1,1,1,1 rupee from the total amount that means your balance remains 49, 48, 47, 46.

So, according to the question, we add all the balance amount; it would be more than 50 rupees that’s not possible.

Spend Balance
1 49
1 48
1 47
1 46
5 190

So, the answer to the “I have 50Rs riddle” will be “The balance amount cannot be added,” or the question is wrongly framed.

What Is the World’s Toughest Riddle?

The world’s toughest riddle is Extra $1 or Extra 1 Rs Riddle. In this riddle above you have seen that you need to find that from where the extra 1 dollar or 1 rupee come from.