Its 7 Am You Are Asleep Riddle Answer

Its 7 am you are asleep riddle is a very interesting riddle. This riddle plays with your mind and words. It’s been so long, and this riddle is being revolved around with a different name like 3 am riddle or you are an asleep riddle. The logic behind this kind of question is also precisely the same.

Riddle: It’s 7 am. The doorbell rings and you wake up. You a have some unexpected visitors! Your parents have arrived and they are here for breakfast. You a have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread, and cheese. What is the first thing you open?

Answer: The answer to “Its 7 Am You Are Asleep Riddle” is “You will open your eyes first.”

Generally, people will read the riddle, and the would guess one of the food items from strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread, and cheese, or some other random things, but some exceptional people will answer “you will open your eyes first”.

Remember, this riddle answer can be a debatable topic, and it can have different answers.

But if we see the current situation, the best suitable answer to its 7 am you are asleep riddle will be “your eyes.” Because as you are sleeping the first thing which you opened will be your eyes.

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