If in the End is D Then What Was in the Beginning Riddle

Today I have a very interesting riddle for you which is called “If in the End Is D Then What Was in the Beginning”. The riddle is very trick so read the question carefully and then try to solve it. The answer to this riddle is been provided below with the explanation.

Riddle: If in the end is D so then what was in the beginning?

Answer: The answer to “If in the END is D” riddle is “G” or E.

Let me explain to you how.

Answer Explanation:

Firstly, the riddle says, in the END, is the letter D, and it says what was in the “BEGINNING” so the straight answer would be “G” because it’s the ending letter of the word.

But if we see this as what was in the beginning, it’s referring to the word END, and the beginning of this letter is E, so it could be possible the answer is E.