How to use Sam Says Sweet Sounds

If you are looking for the steps and wanted to know about the Sam says sweet sounds you are at the right article. This article will give you in dept knowledge about this and steps which you can flow to use it.

What is Sam Says Sweets Sounds:

You may be wondering about what’s that thing is let me give you a small introduction. It’s a kind of software or you can say an AI bot with cutting- edge AI bot and its is capable of answering any question you have.

What is Sam Says Sweets Sounds

But according to the website it says it can answer your any question but before that you have to implore with Sam and be cautious. The website all clam that the AI bot can feel your energy and can make its own decisions.

How do I use Sam Says Sweet Sounds:

So, people are being so curious to use it but they are having difficulty in using it so I decided I will give you dome introduction how to can use it to get you answer. If you find it difficult, I am going to give you detail steps how you can use this AI bot.

Steps to use Sam Says Sweet Sounds:

Here are the steps you can follow to use Sam Says Sweet Sounds-

  1. Firstly, go to your browser and visit the website which is (
  2. Then you will be two boxes one of them is implore and the other one is of question. Below that you can see 2 buttons which are ask question and reset button.
  3. In the implore box you can type / and the answer which you want to display.
  4. After that will be play the voice of Sam Says Sweet Sounds.
  5. Now you can type you question in the question box given below.
    And press the ask button.
  6. The answer will be display down below and the sound will play. Remember its not easy to get your answer easily.

I hope you liked it and you can follow this step to use it and you will surely be amazed and have fun using it and do lets us know how was your experience.