Clock Calculator Bulb Puzzle Answer

We have very interesting riddle for which is called Clock Calculator Bulb puzzle. It’s a calculation-based puzzle and its been getting so much popular on the internet and its been forwarded on WhatsApp and Facebook.

If you are looking for the answer and the explanation of the Clock Calculator Bulb puzzle, we have given every step by step to calculate and the answer in this article.

Clock Calculator Bulb Puzzle Question:

It’s a very simple calculation-based puzzle as we said earlier and you can get the except number for the clock + calculator x bulb. In this puzzle you have given different values to the clock, calculator and bulbs and same goes with the calculator see the numbers carefully.

Just remainder one thing in your mind that if there are 3 bulbs given then you have to calculate the value of one bulb first to get the corrected accurate answer.

Answer: The Clock Calculator Bulb puzzle answer is 333 .

Clock Calculator and Bulb Puzzle Solution:

Step 1: First calculate the value of one clock. Look carefully the 2 clocks has 9’o clock and one have 3’o clock timings. So, the value will be different-

That is 9’o clock + 9’o clock + 3’o clock = 9 + 9 + 3 = 21

So, the value of one clock is 9.

Step 2: Now let’s calculate the value of calculator. All the calculator is same so the value of one calculator will be same as other.

Sum of the calculator is 30 so the value of 1 will be equal to

So, the value of one calculator is 10.

Step 3: Now let us calculate the value of 1 bulb.

So, 1 Bulb + 1 Bulb – 1 Bulb = 15

2 Bulb – 1 Bulb = 15

So, 1 Bulb with 5 lights = 15

So, the value of 1 Bulb with 5 light will be equal to 15.

For bulb with 1 light will be equal to 3.

Step 4: Now finally we will calculate the last equation and find the answer.

clock + calculator x bulb=?

Now we have all the values which is:
So, the final equation is:
9 + (1+2+2+4) x (3×12)
= 9 + 9 x 36
= 9 + 324
= 333

Therefore the Clock Calculator Bulb Puzzle Answer is “333.”