Mike’s Mom Has Four Kids Riddle Answer

Today I have one trickier riddle for you which is called Mike’s mom has four kids riddle. The riddle is been trending on the social media. In this riddle you need to find the name of the fourth kid.

Its is very tricky one so read the riddle carefully and you will get the answer. The riddle is same as the “Mike’s mom has three son riddles”.

Mike’s mom has four kids, penny, nickel, dime and …what is the name of the fourth kid?

The answer to “Mike’s Mom Has Four Kids Riddle” is “Mike”.

The riddle says Mikes mom, so the fourth son name is mike only. The riddle is made to confuse you but you know the answer now.

4 sons name:
1. Penny
2. Nickel
3. Dime
4. Mike