Two Coins Equal 15 Cents Riddle With Answer

Two Coins Equal 15 Cents Riddle is a very popular riddle on the internet. here is the correct answer with proper explanation. The riddle asks about the 2 coins.

Riddle: I have two coins in my pocket. One is not a nickel. Together they equal 15 cents, what are they?

Answer: The answer to “Two Coins Equal 15 Cents Riddle” is “A nickel and a dime.”

The 2 coins are equal to 15 cents means one of the cones is nickel and the other one is a dime. According to the riddle the one is not a nickel but the other can be.

You know that a nickel is a five-cent coin and a dime is a ten-cent coin and if we add together, we get 15 cents. (5 cent + 10 cent = 15 cents)

Therefore, one of the coins is dime and other one is nickel in the pocket which added together make 15 cents.

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